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Vous êtes plusieurs à être fidèles au blog.  Je vous invite aussi à aimer notre page Facebook Afro Alice  pour des conseils en matière de beauté (peau et cheveux), ou si la beauté vous intrigue ou vous passionne.  Si vous croyez que le naturel rend belle.  Si vous voulez des cheveux beaux, longs et en toute santé, le rendez-vous est sur notre page.  Nous vous souhaitons déjà la bienvenue :)  Et surtout, après avoir rejoint notre communauté, invitez-y vos amis et contacts.

To our blog readers- we are inviting you to join our Facebook page Afro Alice where you will find great natural hair tips and advices.  If you are a fan of fashion and beauty, you believe that natural hair makes people beautiful or you are striving for luscious, long and healthy hair, our community welcomes you.  Please invite your contacts and friends to like it as well.


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10 Lessons I Have Learned in 2013

The lessons I have learned throughout these 365 days:

Lesson #1 – Everything is ephemeral.  When happiness is there, I cherish it because I know I could lose it at any time.  When sadness strikes, I endure it with courage because I know it will be over.

Lesson # 2- I should always take into consideration my intuition.  I have learned it the hard way.  I have  a way to perceive things I can’t explain logically but will prove to be right sooner or later.

Lesson # 3- I have to be less naive.  I am an idealistic, spontaneous and friendly person. Therefore, I tend to be naive, trusting people I shall not trust, befriending people I should not have or believing everything is fine or everyone is good.  Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!  I have learned that through tears and pain.  People are more HUMAN than HERO.

Lesson # 4- Matthew 6:34 Each day has enough trouble of its own.  I tend to overworry about things and people.  Keeping it the Hakkunah matata way can help a great deal.  Less hassles, less stress and more joy in the present.  It’s so difficult for me to let go…

Lesson # 5- More initiative = more responsibilities = more rewards.  This, I have learned with my experience at Afro Alice, my natural hair page


Lesson # 6-  In friendship, men stay and remain the best choices.  They are more faithful, less trivial, less dramatic, more upbuilding.  I do have girl friends (because they are the exception to the rule).  You never know how bad a girl friend can be until you have an argument with her or until you get betrayed. #realtalk

Lesson # 7- Trial is not an excuse to become bitter, you can become better too.  In the past, I used to explain some people behavioral troubles or bitterness in what they’ve endured throughout their lives.  I was wrong.  My boss, my mom and myself are exemples of people who endured much and became better.

Lesson # 8- There’s more joy in giving than in receiving.  This is a recurring lesson each year!  The feeling of helping or pleasing someone else, the joy of putting a smile on someone’s face.  Giving is priceless.

Lesson # 9- Jehovah, the Almigthy God, is ALWAYS right.  You may not understand one principle stated in the Bible now, but at the end, you will experience and see that Jehovah is always right.  #myexperiencewithHim.

Lesson # 10- Whatever you can put a price on is valuable but on a little extent.  The free things, the things you can’t appraise, the priceless things are the most valuable and important ones.  #love #oxygen #trust #friendship #God #mother #pet

I grew older, wiser and more than ever, ready to go on and on…


From the Depths of My Heart to You…

Thank you for the best gift I received this year.
Thank you for the best gift of love I have ever experimented.
Thank you for bringing bright and shining light to my deep darkness
Thank you for making me believe in love and life and happiness
It’s been almost five months and I am ready for forever
Never  has caramel been so rich and colorful to me
Never has painite been such a dazzling stone to me
Never has love tasted so amazing and wonderful to me
Never have I been so happy, fulfilled, complete in my life
YOU make a HUGE difference in MY life
Tomorrow makes sense to me because of YOU
Thank you for all those little yet priceless things (tears)


You’ve rescued me on the edge of the abyss

You turned my lifeless lyre into a vivid and rhythmic melody

You removed me from my ashes and gave me a throne

You helped me grow out my down when I was plucked

I am thankful for you, such a wunderkind

I am grateful for YOU, Nehito

Thank you and I love you are too weak to convey such deep and strong feelings

But, unfortunately, they are all I have (tears)

I love you and I thank you


I Love The Person I see In The Mirror

In few hours, I am turning 26 years old young.  You all know I do not celebrate birthdays but I always make sure I blog about my new springs: 23 years old 24 years old  25 years old

This year, my blog is about my affirmation of love to myself.  Balanced love, no crossed borderline but strong and pure love.

I looked in my mirror and fell in love with the person I see, I love ME.  I went through trials and I made it.  I suffered but didn’t lose hope.   I grew up more than ever.  More insight, more maturity, more wisdom, more spirituality.  I am proud of the Me I am today.

I know myself better, I stand up for myself more than ever, I accept failures and am less reluctant about changes.  I have a better leitmotiv, I take better care of myself.

i feel love

Before, people would tell me about myself but this year, I met myself, got to know me and fell for myself.  I am a grounded woman.  I am a strong woman.  I am a human (with my imperfections, limits and flaws) and a hero (with my qualities, my achievements and my dreams).

I have lost and won battles but I have won the fight.  I have found back my essence.  I have gotten the best blessings I have ever had.  I have a better relationship with people and God and myself now.

I feel happy, I feel free, I feel young, I feel restless.  I found myself.  I know who are my true friends, I enjoy life, I LIVE…..

Humm…. I envy no birds for their wings, I do not envy the wind for its freedom.

If I survived this year, If I am still strong after so many trials, I made it and I can go even further.  I look on more time at myself in the mirror and I am proud. I am in love with myself.

I am not afraid to grow up because I know more years will bring me more adventure, more strength and more blessings.

I am in LOVE with MYSELF.



Ma Plume & Moi, Mon Texte Daté du 15 Septembre 2011 Retrouvé Aujourd’hui

Je compte créer une deuxième page, MA PLUME & MOI, qui sera dédiée aux écrits, œuvres et opinions que je compte publier (le blog les rendra déja assez public lol)

Dès ma tendre enfance, je chérissais le rêve de devenir un jour un écrivain, un grand écrivain. J’ai toujours cru que ma plume me rendait puissante et que je pouvais influencer la vie des autres, les amuser, les attrister, éveiller toutes sortes d’émotions chez eux grâce à mes écrits.


A l’âge de douze ans, j’ai écrit des nouvelles que j’ai laissé dormir dans un tiroir, puis a l’âge de quatorze ans, une sorte d’autobiographie retraçant un drame de ma vie, puis à seize ans, un roman dont la trame me fait encore sourire (c’est du génie que d’imaginer une histoire avec des situations impossibles qui deviennent possibles et résolvables-j’adore l’écriture), j’ai un autre roman dont j’ai mis le plan sur papier mais que je n’ai jamais écrit, faute de temps et de courage (mon objectif premier était de participer au concours qu’organise l’Edition Deschamps avec) puis j’ai imaginé une autre histoire que je n’ai même pas pris le temps d’écrire sur papier……

Je me suis forgée des prétextes à n’en plus finir et c’est comme ça que j’ai laissé tomber mon rêve.  Pour me consoler, je blogue (autre moyen d’être écrivain- plus genre chroniqueur, penseur ou critique).

Mais, cette année, je me suis découverte une nouvelle passion: les cheveux naturels des femmes noires.  Je vis en Haïti et peu de femmes savent comment prendre soin de leurs beaux cheveux crépus et de ceux de leurs filles ou de leurs amies.  Rares sont les esthéticiennes qui savent comment prendre bon soin de cheveux qui n’ont pas subi de transformation chimique.  C’est ainsi que m’est venu l’idée de faire beaucoup de recherches et d’écrire sur ce que sont les cheveux, les particularités des cheveux naturels des femmes noires, comment en prendre soin et comment porter sa couronne naturelle avec brio.  Et là m’est revenue l’envie de me remettre à écrire…..

J’adore l’écriture, j’adore les cheveux. Je peux combiner mes deux passions pour faire profiter les autres de mes recherches, découvertes et opinions.

Ce n’est qu’une idée pour le moment mais je compte aller plus loin avec.  Ma première publication pourrait donc être un documentaire au lieu d’un roman.  Le reste viendra ensuite……

Random Fact about Me

I like to collection things: money bills, wigs, etc…  Recently, I started to collection Snapple juice caps.  Let me tell you how did it begin.

 I was at work and I took my lunch by the pool instead of my office.  That’s why I took the time to really look at the diet lemon iced tea Snapple I was drinking (all details covered – went further than the nutrition facts).  Then, there was a real fact in the bottle cap! !!  My mind went full of questions.  Do I find real facts in all the bottle caps?  Are the real facts ‘real’?  How much can I learn from drinking Snapple juice? 

The first of the collection

The first of the collection

Right after my lunch, I went on and buy a second one to verify my finding.  That’s what I found:

fact 706

Next step was to decide if I could rely on the information I found in the caps.  I made some research online and found they were indeed real facts.  From that time on, I drink Snapple juice unless unavailable.  Because I do not easily find Snapple juice where I eat everyday, my collection is not that big but step by step, it is getting broader. 

I find it fun and beneficial to feed the body and the mind at the same time.  Plus, you can win prizes  Snapple gives away several things when you are a winner.

snapple collection

A part of my collection of Snapple caps

If ever you want to buy me a juice, think Snapple juice except the Peach (I hate peach).  If you are a Snapple drinker, please save your bottle cap for my collection :)

Feed your  body & your mind

Feed your body & your mind

I look forward to continuing my collection and probably passed it on to my daughter/son in the future.