My last speech as a 22-year-old woman….

It is twenty and something o’clock! In less than four hours, I will turn 23 years old! A new year! I do not celebrate birthdays but each new added year makes me have a deep thought!

My 22 year old was chaotic! My- let’s say- first year as a grown up adult specially in choosing my career and work! I had also to deal with new issues and make some important decisions like buying a car and a land or having new friends! I have made a lot of errors also! Choosing the wrong person as a friend! Thinking the wrong way about something or someone! I have also gained a lot! More maturity! More people skills! More guts! More experience!…..

But, if I had to resume my 22-year, I would go that brief way: I have more or less succeed in my test to get into the adult life! I am not a A student yet at life school but I am improving more and more. I am perfectible! I have done a wonderful job in my work for this year! I made a lot of sacrifices to assist people after the 12-jan earthquake whether economically, morally or else! Not even one year yet since I got this position and I received award for showing competence above position requirements! That’s all my achievement is about for this year! I have procrastinated too much(in my relation with God, in choosing my new field of studies, in taking some paths). I have forgotten too often that not making the choice in the right moment is a choice itself and with the consequences!And my second sin is to waste too much my resources and opportunities! Imagine, for instance, that my number one sponsor is still waiting for a copy for my own book publication’s sake! I have a lot of luck but I am spoiling it!

I have also failed one of my greatest dreams: getting married at 22! I have however started pretty early in the love field to achieve my goal but I too often forget that I can’t play this game by myself! I can’t even postpone that dream for this year or the next! Uh! Minos one dream!

My resolutions for the coming year are then the following:

1- have discipline in everything
2-Know my own self
3-Build that self
4- reconcile with the others

Anything more to add? No! Just…. Thank you Jehovah for having spared my life from all those! Thank you for this new year! And may I use it to give you all love, glory and pride you deserve!

Bye bye to the 22-year old Annie, welcome to the almost 23-year old Alice!

Much love



4 thoughts on “My last speech as a 22-year-old woman….

  1. Edwardine says:

    Wow! Pa mal!

  2. charleston chevens says:

    Dans l’ordre universel ce qui exprime fort bien l’idée du “tout” il y a ceux qui dirigent et ceux qui se laissent diriger.
    Penser a sa vie et la situer dans un cadre spacio-temporel élargi qui fait cohabiter le passé comme référence, le présent comme champ d’action et le futur comme champ de perfectionnement, est en réalité faire le choix de se diriger et aussi de diriger les autres qui ne peuvent alors pas nous diriger. Evidemment il est très difficile de rester suffisamment éveillé et suffisamment perspicace pour contrôler tout ce qui doit être contrôlé néanmoins avec l’effort on peut dans la mesure du possible faire ce que l’on peut. Sans pour autant devenir égocentrique et narcissique, continuons a nous auto-évaluer et a nous auto-corriger.
    Continue donc a donner sens a ta vie!

  3. Joan Cadet says:

    Well Ann! I really appreciate the work you have done. Recognize mistakes is what we people need to go further, and taking new resolution is another step to success. It is clear that you are a mature one now; once you know your priorities you will be the one you have to be and will go where you have to go. Never stop praying and never stop fighting for what you believe in! I just have to wish you success and be the wholy power with you!

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