My seven guilty pleasures

We all have things we enjoy doing which are not recommendable. Why not talking about mine? I am not perfect. Are you?

1- Eating pasta– I cannot imagine life without spaghetti and pizza! Pasta is so yummy!!!

2-Shopping-Nothing can get me in better mood or get a nicer smile on my face than shopping.

3-Having controversial discussions- Wonderful how adrenaline makes me feel when i am looking for more and more evidence to support my point and even more sensation when I am concluding and found to be the right one.

4-Revenging myself- I know it is wrong to revenge myself and i never find the satisfaction i am looking for but at the very moment, it tastes so good to revenge one self after having been a victim.

5-Throwing away vegetables from my dish– If my mom could read those lines, I would be a dead woman.  Whatever they had me study and read about the benefits of eating veggies, I will never enjoy eating them.  Eating is in itself a tiresome activity: I am chewing,chewing and chewing,  swallowing. That’s already a lot of work for me. Why should i add one more burden to it? If the food isn’t yummy (at least to me), that’s a very big deal for me to eat it. And it’s almost a pleasure (when i don’t feel guilty yet) for me to through veggies away from my dish.

6-Shocking people-If there are many reasons why I tend to like and adopt odd things, one of the most important one to me is to shock people-I mean the right people. Looking at my sister’s face after a sharp comment addressed to a third party, looking at someone being embarassed when i am the one who farted in a room. Your greatest shock, my biggest pleasure.

7-Farting– I like etiquette and protocol but it doesn’t prevent me to enjoy farting specifically when there is another person in a room. Don’t think bad about me for that! It pleases me to do that but I certainly know how to control myself. But i am not going to let one kill me just for etiquette’s sake!

Don’t be shocked! You are giving me pleasure. Don’t think bad about me! It doesn’t affect me. 

I take responsibility for my guilty pleasures.

The Bold me!


One thought on “My seven guilty pleasures

  1. Jerry says:

    Waw, my Emerald! I’d never imagined your are this kind of woman. And now I know why I love you so much…

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