The first and brighter star…

As said, God made a wonderful mother and He gave that dear mother to me. her value is far more than that of corals.


She is the epitome of devotion and sweetness. A caring, loving and faithful wife. An unique mother. A woman full of God-fear, love, determination.

She has gone through very hard time. Yes! She had to endure bad treatments from a man every single body thought and -some people trusting appearance still think- is an angel from the heavens. This same man ignored her while she was experiencing near death situations. For a long while, she was a beaten wife, a betrayed spouse, yet she remained strong fighting for a love she still trusted in.  Her 10-year work savings have gone into ashes. She has been expelled from her own house, put away from her children and threatened of being killed in terrible conditions. She has lost her love, her dignity, her own but she sticked to what was left….life.

She could have fought, sued or even killed that man but she was so confident that Jehovah would make a way, that He would give her justice, that sometimes, she would be rewarded for her exemplar and faithful attitude that she abandoned every single penny, every single blood he has taken from her…

And overall, with courage, she fought to have back her children, made sacrifices to raise them and to teach them the right lessons in life.

I was not an easy kid, nor was my sister. Life wasn’t easy neither but still she kept strong and made it.

If today I am someone, it’s because she invests her blood, her tears, her soul and her everything to make me be this woman I am. She kept her positiveness while swimming in the negativity’s waves.

I am not pretending that I would do the same she did when confronting all those situations, but I admire this amazing woman!

I love my momma and to quote Graycie Harmon,”My mom is a never-ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness and being. I may sometimes forget the word but I always remember the tune.”

A daughter


One thought on “The first and brighter star…

  1. Edwardine says:

    Yeah. U said it right.

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