Thoughts on Barack and Michelle Obama’s biography

I like reading biographies. You learn from people’s life: what makes them succeed, all the trials they had to go through before reaching the top of the ladder. You satisfy your curiosity with new information and you enjoy reading a roman-like book.

Today, I read a biography about Barack and Michelle Obama written by Chris Andersen and again I have confirmed some lessons of life and come up with others.

The notions of physical beauty and ugliness are relative.
There is a controversy between the people who say Michelle is beautiful and the ones who think she is monkey-like.
We tend to think that everybody defines physical beauty as we do. Then, we say that X is totally ugly or handsome. This is not true! Both beauty and ugliness exist but we all have our own conception of physical beauty and ugliness. The next time I will be saying that someone is ugly or beautiful, I will not forget to add “according to me”.

The Obamas were young and smart and full of energy and hope and will but what makes them succeed where all the others with the same potential have failed is the fact that they had a goal and a strong determination to realize it.
Being genius is not about having natural gifts such as inspiration or intelligence. We need to turn ideas into goals and dreams and make a lot of efforts and hard work to achieve something. You have an idea? Everybody does have one! What will make the difference? Your efforts to turn that idea into something and to strive to achieve a goal with it! You are smart? So are many people! The difference will lie on the way you will use it to realize what you pictured, what you dreamed of.

What proves to the world that the Obamas were competent and capable of handling this heavy responsibility is because they previously gave evidence that they could do big.
If you didn’t go through any trials, you are not a winner yet. Being genius is to keep in mind the winning prize and work for it no matter what: good or hard time. A victory with no difficulties to overcome is not a victory at all!

The Obamas were sincere in their will to change America and to come up with structures that would relieve the American people‘s concerns. They did and keep doing what they can do as human beings but they are limited. They do their utmost but still there are unsatisfied subjects.
If you really need to help the world, the most efficient way to do that is by volunteering to teach people spiritual values. That’s the only way you can help the maximum people with maximum impact for a maximum time. Only God can make a definitive, stable and integral way for the world.


One thought on “Thoughts on Barack and Michelle Obama’s biography

  1. GuiL. says:

    Very insightful…

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