My precious Snow White!!!

“Less is more.” Unknown

No other sentence describes her better than this one…….

I have been introduced to Samy by a common friend of ours five years ago but she really became my friend when I started my studies at CKSS. At first, she was so calm, so quiet and so silent that I was afraid of her. As the time passes, we became close to each other and that is how I started to admire the person she was.

She has always been in congregationist schools,surrounded by girls being fake, selfish, hypocritical and superficial, she has not been influenced by their “nature”. She has remained the same person she is. That’s the first thing that makes me admire her.

She is neither the kind who would talk about you at your back, nor the one whom her life is centered on gossips and other people’s life, nor those flashy girls who, however, have no brain.

How many times have I seen some of our classmates go beyond their limits just for exhibition! How many times have I seen the majority of them very active in a gossip and all mute when it comes to discuss world history or protocol or life! But she always made the difference with her simplicity.

She is the only girl I know who can  identify any famous people of any time  with no hesitation. You don’t know the name of this actress? She knows it! You cannot identify this painting? Call her! What does the latest peugeot car look like? Ask her! What is the best book by Agatha Christie? She would tell you!She has such a culture and an excellent memory!

With her, I learn something new everyday! An opinion about a movie she watched or a book she read! A review of a cultural or intellectual item! An invitation to attend a cultural or social event! With her, I am all myself and I know I can count on her. She is my sister…

She is part of those friends who make you go further. She is part of those companions with whom you really can be yourself with no fear. She has some weaknesses but I love her the way she is.

She is far away from me now but she is and always be my friend….

I love & miss you my Snow White kitten!

A grateful friend…


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