In memory of my poor Fredesse…

November 16th,2007-November 16th,2010! Already three years since my banana face -shaped precious friend has been kidnapped and killed!!!

Farah! So many memories fill my mind when thinking about you!

Our co-craziness in primary school: our fights, our lagos, our strong personalities ( the boys used to be afraid of the two of us),our laughs, our tears, our freaky CM2 year! Our nutsy moments in middle school!

Our top-foolish times in high school: hair coloring with flavor-aid juice powder in rheto, our noisy lunchtimes with Murielle at the school bar! Our time as members of class committees:you as the vice president and me as the secretary!

I remember all the time we spent with Fredner and Sylviory talking about anything! The morn sessions with Mylenska in 8th grade! The crisis time with BBGAN! The chats and the games when Mr. Merilus calls the class to order! All the time you took to assist me with my second novel draft !!!How we made Mr. Heribert see all colors of the rainbow, how we drive Mr. Dormainvil and Mrs. Regis crazy!

I miss your boyish style, your Muneca Brava ways, your “pa ranse avem” expressions! I miss our friendship and our complicity!

I wish you were still there! I have so much I would share with you. My classmate, my partner,my sister!

Unfortunately!!!!! Those wild dogs have taken your life away!!!!! I still cannot believe you are not there anymore!!!!!

I regret I didn’t invest more time showing you how much you count and tell you how much I loved you.

I also regret our last argument! I wish I could turn back the hands of time! I would erase that last Saturday’s verbal fight………..How would I know that would be the last time we would talk….

If only I knew my dear Fredesse…..

I miss you



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