Why I don’t vote

Sunday November 28, Haitian people will show the world what alternative is best to them, they will express their preference as to who should become their leader. They will go and vote for their next president (senators and deputies also). So many candidates are running to become president: Michel Martelly, Christalin, Mirlande Manigat, Henry Ceant, Jude Celestin, Lesly Voltaire and so on…..

I am an Haitian citizen, I love my country and feel concerned about everything that happens to it. I mind about his changes and his future but I will not vote for a president… Not only this time! Never did I and never will I!

Voting is the way to express your preference for a candidate, a view, an alternative, etc…

What should I vote when I have no preference for a candidate. Personnally, none of them meets my requirements. I don’t know if they are really honest, I don’t know if they will be fair, I don’t know if they really will keep their promises. Vote brings luck or unluck! I am not sure anyone of them can really achieve what they say they will.  Can they change Haiti? Can school and health care become free? Can they rebuild the country? Can they make each single haitian satisfied and happy? Can they get over cholera outbreak? Can they stop kidnapping and carjacking and insecurity? Can they stop death? All that in five years??????? I’m idealist some way but I am not deluded!

The only one I know  I can vote for real and definitive cures to all Haitian people’s problems from poverty, insecurity, sickness to death is God! I know I can trust Him, totally trust Him and He has the power to do all those things. My sole vote is dedicated to Him.

I am a Christian and Christians are Jesus Christ’s followers. And Jesus’s position toward the world affairs are well defined in John 17:14-“…Because they are no part of the world just as I am no part of the world.” Politics and governments are part of the world. Why would I get involved into it? I am politically neutral.

We pray everyday for God’s kingdom to come upon earth. The famous “Our father” prayer becomes a non-sense if I am voting for other kingdoms. I know what I want.

I neither discourage nor encourage other people to adopt my view. The decision to vote or not is totally personal. Nobody should judge others based on that. As to me, no president is worth my vote.

Because of my personal and religious views, I don’t vote in political affairs.


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