When technologies do more harm than good

Technologies facilitate life:learning, shopping, shortening distance, etc. Technologies are very helpful. Laptops are precious tools to office workers as well as students. Music players do very good to everybody. Telephones are life savers. But, as for everything in life, there is a limit and once it is crossed, technologies become a mean to do harm.

Not balanced use of technologies make us impolite and break relationships. Imagine you are expressing feelings to a friend or a relative. You really need to let it out, you mind about what you are explaining. And in the middle of what becomes a monologue, you stop just to realize that your partner is chatting or commenting on facebook or reading an article using his phone. Or how would you feel if you are sitted at a restaurant table with someone and he has no time to talk to you or to pay you any attention at all because he/she is listening to music in his mp3 player? Such situations cause frustration and feeling of being less important than an electronic device. Over time, it will be a source of tension in a relationship. And of course, would you like to be impolite or uncourteous to someone dear to you?

Crazy use of technologies may become a life hazard. How can someone be sending text messages while driving? You may be multitask but trying this risky game can cost you life. We should be considerate with people as well as with ourselves. We cherish life and we do our best to maintain it. Moreover, we do not want to put in pain people who love us so much for things that could be avoided. Imagine your mother, your father, your friend or whoever is close to you crying and mourning because you had an accident while texting. There is no difference between someone drunk driving and someone texting or talking on the phone while driving. Both of them risk their lives, and both of them belittle life. What about those who would spend many sleepless nights in front of the TV or the laptop browsing the Internet? Do not play with your health. You need it more than any device.

Excess is harmful. Developping dependency for a gadget or a device in a way to neglect some other values can affect our personal development. Balance makes life. I know people who would be depressive just because they forget their phone or their kindle or their ipod home for one day. Technology is interesting but please avoid all excesses.

Technologies make us lack some key skills: value, patience and communication. We are online 24/7 and react to each single comment or click of the other person.We cannot be always available to people, it lessens our value. They need to miss us sometimes. Not balanced use of technology makes us think that everything happens in a click and everything is easy to reach. If we apply that way to see things in real life, we are candidates to failure. Patience is a precious tool in dealing with all aspects of life. One last thing misuse of technologies endangers is our communication skills. I, myself, fear a lot face to face conversations but you would not have this impression while chatting to me on messenger. I am at ease, opened and friendly. And the more time I spend behind the screen, the lesser my communication skills become. The virtual world makes us neglect the good we get out of interacting directly with people, talking to them face to face, seeing and understanding their expressions. Why is it easier for a person to send me a friend request on facebook and spend one hour chatting with me than having a face to face conversation with me?

I am neither judging, nor reproching anybody. How would I dare? I am myself a bad user of the technologies. But I need to keep those points in mind so that I can use these useful tools without endangering myself. And so do you then let’s make new resolutions regarding our way to use the technologies.

A repentant techno user.


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