Time Management- One Of Our Biggest Challenges

We all have 24 hours a day to juggle all our activities: meet deadlines, find time for ourselves and others, handle our daily responsibilities. We make a to-do list and make our utmost to follow it but at the end of the day, when we are laying down in our bed, we say to ourselves: Oh chiche! Another 24 hours has passed and I still have lot of things pending! We find it’s impossible to manage time effectively. However, there are efficient ways we can save our time. The following are ways that work for me and that could probably work for you too.

My first and best way to manage effectively time is to multitask. For example, you can use your travelling time (from work, school or other place to home) to read the new chapter of a book you have to review or having dinner with family and friends. Like that, you save extra time.

My second tool to manage properly my time is to avoid procrastination. This is very challenging as I am new at it but I get very good results with it.  Do not wait for the  last minute to do things you could have done ahead of time (though I feel I am more efficient when I am under last-minute pressure). You lessen your stress and you have the time to redo the job if it is not correct. And of course, you don’t waste valuable time.

The third magic secret to resolve time management issues is to know how to set priorities. You have a lot of things to do but you should sort them out on a priority basis. You write them all down on a sheet of paper and you label them with a H,M or L whether they are Highly important or Medium important or of low importance. This method helps you save quality time specially when you have a lot to do at work or at school.

The last technique that works well in saving time is sometimes not to care about it at all. Have some time or some day reserved to free yourself from all your activities and burdens. Have some crazy moments, enjoy life. This is like a break from all the daily time management. This will charge you up for the future days and your brain will rest.

Time is precious and we cannot reverse it. As a french adage says it: “Le temps perdu ne se rattrape jamais.” The best we have to do is to use judiciously and wisely our time.


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