The scariest experience I have had

May 3, 1998, Plaine du Cul de Sac, Haiti, 4:55 pm

Someone tried to kidnap my little sister and I…

Someone we knew, someone we would never think would try to do us harm.

That day, I saw all the colors of the rainbow. That afternoon, I could have lost my life, I could have been harm forever.

Never did I go through so many feelings and emotions in a so short period: positiveness, fear, hope, despair, scare, agony, revolt then fear again, hope! I sweated, cried, hurled, laughed….

Those seven hours have been the longest hours of my life.  Seven hours during which I was asking myself what would be next, would we make it successfully, would Jehovah answer my prayer……

And yes, He did!!!!!! At the moment our kidnapper was going away with us, we escaped!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made it safely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a 12-year old story but I still remember it as it was today, my scariest experience.


One thought on “The scariest experience I have had

  1. Edwardine says:

    was little but remember that nightmare

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