One year since the earthquake in Haiti- reflections of a survivor….

Already one year since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake killed more than 200 000 people in Haiti.

Today reminds us that we have lost an acquaintance, a friend, a father, a mother, a child, an aunt, an uncle, a soul mate, someone dear to us. The haitian nation is mourning.

As for me, I will never forget my so dear cousin Mike, my friends Tarah, Lindsay, Domond, Ergine, Jacques, my brother and friend Dave, my so dear Tarah, my former teachers Mrs. Avril and Mr. Bernard Phillipe and all of my other people who died. I find all my strength in the hope of resurrection. So, I will see them again soon.

To all my acquaintances and friends and relatives who have lost a dear one, keep being strong. You cannot undo what happened but you can take refuge in God because only He can give you the strength and the courage to endure your pain. Plus, he offers to resurrect soon our dear ones. Just consider they’re sleeping. And soon, we will be able to talk to them, touch them and be with them again when they ‘wake up’.

Let us all comfort, love and support one another in this painful anniversary day.


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