I am going natural……

“While everybody else’s hair goes down, our hair goes up!
Straight to the sky, where the best is to be found!” Ranya Dérose

Six months ago, i chopped all my relaxed hair off and started to let my natural naps grow.  I am so enjoying it that I am keeping my hair natural. 

At first, I just wanted to try the natural hair look as I would try the Cleopatra haircut or the Rihanna semi mohawk haircut or the kinky curly Tania Saint Val hairstyle. But with time and more knowledge about my natural roots, I have come to enjoy managing and wearing them.

I want to discover the beauty of my difference and what makes it unique.Why don’t white people or indian people or asian people change their natural texture while black people alter theirs? Isn’t kinky hair my god-given texture(nothing personal against people who perm their hair :)!)?  I feel myself with my natural crown.  More confident, more powerful, more unique, more me. I have no straight hair, no curly hair,I have kinky hair and I am learning to like it.

The journey is not all fun but I am enjoying it.  I do good and I do bad with them but I have no complaints.

Reborn all natural!!!!!!



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