If only we could see others with God’s eyes

Today, at work, I spent the day working on one issue.  It was a small issue which could happen to anyone without provoking a nuisance but we made a big deal of it just because of the person or the position of the person- to whom it happened.  And I come to realize again that God’s standards and views are different from us, humans.

God cherishes and appreciates the person we truly are but we humans cherish and appreciate others based on their background, their position, their social rank, their net worth, their faciès.

If only we could sometimes focus more on others’ inner personality, their strengths, their qualities instead of their positions, their wealth. If only we could have the will to help one another not because we can get something out of it like pride or any other benefit but just because the other really needs our help.

Life would be so fair and more livable.


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