Death, a new reality to me…

I leave my house everyday saying goodbye to everyone as if it was the last one. I look at each person, each landscape, do every single thing as if it was my last time doing them.  I always knew death existed but never was it so real to me.

After the 35 tragic seconds who have taken so many lives on January 12, 2010, I have started to realize how fragile that precious life is, how easily we can lose it. As it is said, life is like a mist. It appears for just a day, and it disappears as quickly as it appeared. 

Death comes with no warning, no prelude. It just happens. And it is becoming a reality to me. I feel the need to always keep my relationship with God -is there anything better than that- to realize many things in a timely manner and I even imagine my funerals, plan my funeral arrangements and wrote my will.

It is crazy to keep thinking about it that much,but there is no runaway, it’s real…


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