May facing this challenge be my achievement!


For as far as I can remember (puberty period I think), I have always been fighting with my weight. I would gain the extra pounds as quickly as I got them off. 

At first, when I weighed 135 pounds  and was 5′”6′ (not even overweight), my diet goal was about having everybody surrounding me stop calling after me for my weight, it made me feel inferior, it was a big flaw to my self-esteem.  And I came to want to lose pound even  more when my very close cousin who was fat (fatter and shorter than me), had a diet and lost all her extra pounds. Social dances (tchatchatcha, rumba, salsa), africa and rnb work out would be part of my daily schedule. I was desperate.  People would compare us so often that I came to be obsessed by my weight. I needed to get some pounds off but it was overall to please the others.

After graduated from High school, when I started to meet other girls way fatter than me but so comfortable with themselves, I started to question my point of view about my weight. Then, I realized it! I calculated my IBM and guess what? I was neither overweighted, nor obese. I was just curvy, tall and seemed giant!!!! From that day, I let it go. No more extreme diets, no more worries about weight, no more care about what people think and say about my weight! I set myself free….at least this was what I thought….

I started to eat what I wanted. I would eat 4 to 8 slices of pizza almost everyday. The list of excesses is so long: big cups of ice cream, several bars of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate, pastas.  And, my weight started to increase. People would try everything to make me understand that I was getting overweighted, mom would beg me to get back to my diet, I turned a deaf ear to all comments and suggestions.  I went from 135 to 245 pounds!!!!( I am imagining your shocked face). I kept it between 235 and 245 pounds for one year and a half until…..

I, myself, realized it is neither aesthetic, nor healthy, nor wise to be moderately overweighted (IBM=34, 230 lbs, 5″9′). The game time is over.  It’s time to get back on the regular line.  From December 17, 2010 through January 26, I have lost 11 pounds and I look forward to continuing my weight loss journey until I reach my goal: 149 lbs.  I know it will be hard, it is already but I will make it because this time, I am doing for myself: my beauty, my health, my achievement, my journey.

My Weight Loss Journey

My friends become my meter, my bottle of water, my healthy food, my scale and my gym.


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