Four lives were taken away yesterday….

An accident in the locality of Clercine took away four lives , six others seriously injured plus caused a lot of damages yesterday around 10:00.  It is sad that four people have lost their life but it is even sadder-terrible is a weak word- to know that truck driver could have spared their life if only he had respect for himself, for others and for human life; if only he had made a morning truck checkup, if only he was driving at a moderate speed, four families would not be mourning about the death of one of their members and six others would not be struggling to rescue their injured relatives. He was driving on Tabarre road while is break was not functioning. Poor victims! It could have been you as it could have been me.Is that possible?

Yes it is, specially in Haiti.  Driving is always a near-death experience there because when you are hitting the streets, there is no law (yet, you will hear policemen are always on duty), no signs. There is a jungle where the strongest ones, the luckiest ones make it.

This is another small fact which again stresses on the reality that Haiti will never change. 

Haiti is a mess…


One thought on “Four lives were taken away yesterday….

  1. Alain The Great says:

    It’s important that you have raised the issue. You have painted the situation in a vivid way. On december, in less than two weeks, I’ve witnessed no less than 6 road accidents involving motorcycles, small cars and big ones; and they were all lethal. For instance, check out this pic :!/photo.php?fbid=10150356743645029&set=a.10150281567955029.503907.528455028
    We are no where safe in the streets. People don’t follow any rule at all, which makes me wonder in they have got their driver’s license in a Cheerios’ box. But no, the latters were all delivered by a (legal) instance. I particularly want to stress on the laxism of the Law regarding common transportation. My heart weeps soft every time I see these buses, full of people packed inside like sardines, going down the road of Bourdon with a deep cliff on the side. Nothing is done about that. The people lack total respect for their own self, let alone the people they love by acting stupid, playing like that with something so blissful as LIFE. It’s sad to see in 2011 we still rely fiercely on the “Survival of The Fittest” state of mind. Good post ACG. Keep blowing the whistle! I have some important issues I want to write about, how can I post on this blog?

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