Two handicaps to my weight loss….

I am reaching the hard moments of my weight loss journey.  I feel like giving up, I feel discouraged and down. But, I know I should certainly keep on until my journey ends.

Two things make my weight loss journey very difficult: my metabolism and my eating profile.

I have a fragile metabolism. I gain pounds as easily as I lose them. When I lose two pounds today, I should not rejoice because if tomorrow, I do one single diet error or just let it go a bit, a tiny bit then I get the two pounds back.  If I really want to lose pounds and to keep the extra pounds off, I should constantly be and remain strict with myself. It is not encouraging at all to know that!!! Lot of exercises, diet control to lose few pounds and just a bite or a failure to get them back.

The other bad news is that I am an emotional eater.  This is the big issue.  And the most difficult part to have control over.  When I am stressed, nervous, sad, depressed, and the list goes on, I eat to comfort myself.  It is particularly a battle I am trying to win this week.  I am not in my best mood and many times, I had to think hard not to get something to my mouth. And each time I stop myself, I get very frustrated.  For so long, I have seen in food a comfort and it is so difficult to change that habit. This morning again, I had to talk to myself not to eat or chew and swallow food for comfort…..

Sigh! I still want to end my weight loss journey but I am afraid because I don’t get any control over those two ennemies…..


2 thoughts on “Two handicaps to my weight loss….

    • Acemerald says:

      Actually, I am not looking for crash diet. The one you are proposing me is one. A diet whether it is for losing or gaining pounds should be balanced and should be appropriate to the individual. No diet is absolute or universal. There are a lot of factors you need to analyze when choosing what is best for you: weight, deficience, current health situation, eating type and so on. And the link you referred me to is about anorexia which is not healthy nor good. I have already found the diet convenient to me. As the french saying, I am going slowly but will arrive surely. I prefer it this way! Thank you anyway for your advice.

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