Four of the questions I still cannot find a satisfying answer for….

Throughout all my twenty and more years of life, there are questions I have been asking myself and others but never did I find a good answer for.  Let’s talk about the four following ones:

Question 1: How do you deal with a completely and utterly stupid (with knowledge) or a dumb(with no knowledge) boss? I do my best when I am confronted to a stupid or dumb boss but I still can’t find any logical or standardized way someone can deal with a boss’ stupidity or dumbness. Can you imagine that? You are very competent plus you are intelligent, you know what you are doing, you do it the professional and more effective and efficient way but you should change all that and go the idiot way because of someone having an ounce of power-let’s call their boss position like that-on you. Can you tell me?

Question 2: How can someone betrays another person who did good with him/her? This is another question who drives me nuts. How can you mistreat, be disloyal or unfaithful to someone who sacrifies many things-life, youth and endure all sorts of hardship just for you to be all right, just to please you or to protect you and later, you hurt this person. The logical way would be for you to be grateful, caring and loving to this person. Yet, that’s what not often happens and I can’t understand that.

Question 3: How can people exploit, aggress or kill inoffensive animals and children? Children and inoffensive animals are the most innocent beings which exist. They can do no harm, they are humble, sweet, affectionate, obedient and they show unconditional love to anyone who treats them the proper way. It’s cruel to see people exploiting, aggressing or killing such beings.  Just imagining it hurts me, how can someone DO it? I am speechless.

Question 4: Why do men (or the majority of them) think more with their penis then with their brain? This question is controversial but I still wonder why is this possible. Basically, reason makes men and animals different but in sexuality, it is not always applicable.  When a man’s penis directs him to do something, he loses his whole mind. Whether he is cultured, educated, logical, polite, sociable and so on, he becomes right away a male. Why would a man endangers his marriage or relationship with a beautiful, cultured, sociable, intelligent, caring, loving wife for a quickie or some sexual sessions with a who-ever girl or exploiting , manipulating women?! I don’t know. So far, my only theory is that men prefer challenge and problems than anything else.

Do you have an answer to these?


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