Opinion on the Ten Golden Rules of Saving on Everything by Brandon Ballenger


I found this article on Yahoo.com breaking news this morning and I thought that some of the tips the author listed could be useful to you, my readers.

4. Stop paying for name brands. What’s in a name? Often nothing more than a higher cost. Paying more is OK if the higher cost means higher quality. But it’s not OK to pay more simply to help pay for some company’s annoying commercials. One of many examples: More often than not, generic patent medicines like aspirin and cough syrup aren’t similar to their brand-name counterparts. They’re identical. There’s only one reason anyone would pay up to 50 percent more for an identical item — some commercial told them to.

We definitely need to stop buying things by brand name just for the sake of showing off.  You buy things for quality, esthethic and taste plus price. Not to impress others. Not an excuse though for those people who like to buy cheap items! Don’t forget, quality and esthetic are the main lines.

6. Try to substitute imagination for money. People often pay for pre-packaged ideas by habit when they could easily come up with lower-cost ideas that are also better. Instead of buying cards and gifts, make your own. Instead of taking your date to a restaurant, take her on a picnic. Instead of meeting at a bar, have your friends over. Instead of heading to hotel, camp out. Use your mind instead of your money and your life will be more interesting and less expensive.

8. Always use the Internet. While using the Internet to comparison shop should be obvious, there are new techniques and technologies evolving constantly. For example, PriceBlink: This browser add-on automatically searches for a lower price and/or coupons on anything you’re looking at or searching for online. Don’t ever buy anything online or off without first searching the web to see if you can find a coupon or discount. But the Internet is a double-edged sword …

Nextag, Amazon and google help too…

10. Sell before you buy. Before you buy anything you want, make it a habit to first sell something you don’t. Your garage and closets are full of stuff you no longer use. So before you go to the store or click that online “checkout” button, stop. Put off the purchase — first, take some clothes to the consignment shop, or take a picture of something you’re no longer using and put it on Craigslist. It only takes a minute. As soon as it sells, apply the money to the purchase you were going to make. Now you’ve saved on something you wanted, and gotten rid of something you didn’t.

Maybe I should give this a try, it seems interesting a priori. Don’t you think?


One thought on “Opinion on the Ten Golden Rules of Saving on Everything by Brandon Ballenger

  1. GuiL. says:

    This guy may expect a good check soon from these same brand names… lol or

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