Adulthood, one of the toughest periods of life

If you think that adulthood is a “piyay” because you get more freedom at all points of view, you are wrong. Adulthood is one of the toughest periods in life.

One of the challenges which comes with adulthood is decision-making.  Making decision is not an easy task at all. There are always many choices and just failing to choose the best option can be a bad decision.  Uncertainty also makes decision-making a difficult job.  You are never sure your chosen option was really the best one, you are never sure you were right, you are never certain about the outcome of a situation. There is always a good or a bad surprise for you.  Welcome to adulthood.

Adulthood also comes up with responsibilities.  Time for our parents to stop carrying our burdens, time for us to stop hiding in their shadows.  We can’t help it. Lot of responsibilities we need to face and choosing to forget or belittle them can bring so hard consequences. This is what adulthood is about.

To succeed in this stage of our life, there are qualities we necessarily need to cultivate: courage, patience, tolerance, wisdom and wisdom again, endurance, faith, positiveness. They are not granted, you strive to have them and that’s another battle we need to win in the adulthood war.

I wish I could be and stay a little girl……


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