Twilight Vs Vampire Diaries….

My first interest for Vampire stories started with Twilight.  I watched the two movies and read the whole Twilight series.  Then, recently, my sister downloaded two seasons of Vampire Diaries.  I watched the full first season and am half the way with the second season. I like the two stories (if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have spent so many nights without sleep to finish the series/stories :)) and if I had to compare them, this is what would be my personal opinion & appreciation.

Twilight- Characters: Edward, Alice, Elmet are my favorite characters. Edward plays the role of the man every single woman would like to have in her life. And his speeches to Bella! Oh my God!  Alice is the ideal friend we all are dreaming of (plus she is so fashionista) and Elmett reminds me of the turbulent, bold and adventurous me.  Plot: The movies are amazing but you might get disappointed of details missing in the movies when you read the books.  I would ask also for more intrigue.  Other comments: I like the originality of Twilight. In the opposite of general vampire stories, it doesn’t focus on vampires being bloodsuckers or murderers. It also describes vampires who keep the maximum of their “human nature” and I truly appreciated that.  Throughout all the story, you could also notice how the characters value very important things in life like friendship, family, sexuality and so on.  I really enjoyed Twilight. I got very frustrated when I read about Stephenie Meyer not writing a fourth part. Just to tell you how good it was!!!!!!

Vampire Diaries- Characters: Damon, Tyler and Caroline are my favorite characters. Damon is very cruel but I like his sarcastic ways, his bravoure, his hidden sensitivity and am amazed by his beauty. Such eyes!!! Tyler is a man. He is patient, logical, true to himself and always willing to apologize after his errors. Caroline like Alice in Twilight is a real friend. She would risk her life just to support or protect a friend. Plot: The series are awesome. Intrigues and supsenses make them even more interesting. The precise chronological order the story follows is very amazing too. Other comments: Though I very like Vampire Diaries, they describe young people to be too liberal and vampires aswell as the werewolves are too violent and dangerous. Cuidado! Stefan looks a lot like Edward and is the only exception in the Vampire pool.  As I didn’t finish watching all the series, I cannot get a complete review yet about Vampire Diaries. But, so far, so good!

If you like adventure, beauty and risk, you will like both Twilight & Vampire Diaries.  If you like romance,  Twilight is for you.  If you are looking for intrigue and suspens, Vampire Diaries is right for you.


5 thoughts on “Twilight Vs Vampire Diaries….

  1. charline says:

    That s’a good one,i like it!!!!!

  2. cathevilbrun says:

    Would i compare both? Each story has a different prospect. Although both are about the same vampire/human romance-that-leads-to-trouble theme they do not have the same approach. I agree that vampire diaries has a very well balance plot. You will always be on the edge of your seat and not wanting to close an eye the entire time!

    • Acemerald says:

      Although different, you can still compare two things as soon as they have something in common. In this regard, they’re both about the same topic, which makes the comparison interesting and informative

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