I am back but still speechless….


After almost one month of silence, here am I back again to express myself.  There have been so many things going on since my last post on February 24.  Myself, my life, my city, my country, my world, my planet.  So many topics to talk about that I definitely don’t know what to talk about in this post.  What would you advise me?  Upcoming elections in Haiti? Japan tsunami and earthquake? Nuclear banks, what they are and blablabla about them? Our future on earth? Love stories? People stories? What is happening in Egypt? Tunisia?

Let me hear your voice as to what you want to read about.  What are you willing to read???????  Your comments will be valued and considered.

Go ahead!!! The microphone is now yours-or should I say, the keyboard is all yours.


One thought on “I am back but still speechless….

  1. Jerry Ralph LAFONTANT says:

    Whatever you Annie, I m sure you gonna surprise us. So go ahead…

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