Falling in love with naturality again……

During the last few days, I have been so often tempted to chop off all of my hair again or just put perm just to make a little change.  Natural hair is versatile but I am busy, impatient and upside down.  So, I don’t try many styles with my hair more than the blow out, the twist out and the afro puff with or w/o pompadour.  Then, I got pissed off my daily puff or twist out and wanted something different.  I chose to dye them black back.  At first, I regret my blonde-colored nap. Following that stage, I started thinking about other colors I could add to my newly dyed black hair: purple? I would have to wear more silver accessories with this look and I prefer gold so much. Dropped it! Gold? Oh not again, I dyed my hair gold four times already. No, no, and no! Red?! I did not feel the reddish mood! No way!  After giving myself a hard time thinking and thinking (I could have put a sew-in weaves or braids,but I am not to that, I want to show off MY OWN HAIR), I decided to just keep it black until I cannot endure my ebony look anymore….. Guess what?

After co-washing my hair with Herbal Essences Hello Hydratation conditioner, sealing my hair with Proline coconut oil and set my puff, I fell in love again with my naturality.

It’s not easy to maintain my napturality, besides, what’s easy in life? I want to keep my natural crown, I should work to do it.

As of today, I am still happy to be nappy……..


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