Travel Day Two

I woke up with a lot of frustration. Why did I have to leave my comfy bed just now? asked my sleepy mind.  YOU HAVE ANOTHER FLIGHT TO TAKE AND YOU’RE LATE popped up right after on my mind! I jumped out of bed, got ready…..BINGO PROBLEM…. All my family members were going to the Kingdom hall and there was nobody to drop me at the airport.  I’d have to take a taxi to the airport. WHAT?! I was not happy about that new experience but there was nothing I could do if I wanted to get into that plane right on time.  I called the taxi and took my luggages to the lobby.  OHOH! NO WAY! I forgot my cellphone upstairs and my aunt actually had the time to leave with the keys.  Leave it or not?  I decided not after giving that some thought!  I had pictures to take( I didn’t bring any camera with me) and of cours, I would have to use the Internet after training hours.  Ok, I didn’t want to leave it but I was already late and trying to go where my aunt was, getting the keys and coming back would take me so long that I would probably miss that flight! !!!!! Adrenalineeeeeeee was filling my body! I decided I would do that no matter what happened.  I did all that and arrived just on time to catch the flight. 

In the airplane, I spent the one hour-duration of the flight sleeping though I had a very talkative partner.  She seemed to have great plans for Haiti reconstruction but I doubt her sincerity because she had a fixed set of mind as to what could change the Haitian situation…..

A colleague of mine came to pickup me at the airport.  Cheerful thanks to him! We visited Georgetown University, went to have a snack at Barners and Bros in Bowie Center then went to Baltimore.  I spent a great day with his wonderful family. 

End of Day Two.


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