Little update about my hair journey….

In three days, I will be celebrating my ninth month with natural hair.  Things are still going great but I could do better I should admit.  My days are very busy so I do not invest enough time maintaining my hair anymore.  My latest length check was good but I could reach a longer stretch.

To see the updates, please click on MY HAIR JOURNEY

I am more than ever convinced that nothing can give a better aspect to the hair than conditionner. I was on training in Washington and forgot to bring my hair conditionner.  Unfortunately, the hotel would provide me with two bottles of shampoo and no conditionner at all. There was a convenience store 3 minute-away from the hotel but I had jet lag the three first days of training and right after class, I went right to bed. Though it was spring in the US, the weather still felt like winter plus I have dry hair. That was a curltastrophe.  My hair was brittle, dry, ugly to see. I shampooed them but nothing changed. I just knew my hair was not dirty.  Coconut oil, water, nothing would make my hair shine. And some hair were starting to come off. Oh no! My hair looked like that during the three days until I found …..CONDITIONNER.   A friend from Phillipines heard me complaining about my hair and the conditioner I was too lazy to go buy at the store and brought me some! That was a miracle! See below my BEFORE/AFTER picture…


3 thoughts on “Little update about my hair journey….

  1. Anna Jasmin says:

    I dont know if this works for all hair types, but when my hair is dry and I run out of conditioner there are 2 things that work great. Please keep an open mind, lol. The first thing is mayonnaise. it sounds weird I know but the ingredients in mayonnaise are great for conditioning hair. This is also great when you have nots in your hair. You just rub it in like a conditioner and let it sit for a few minutes. When you wash it out make sure you use a mild shampoo, so it does not dry the hair out again. Many times cheep shampoo is the resan your hair dries out in the first place.
    The second thing I love to use as a conditioner is bear. Bear is great at restoring damaged hair like if you have it colored and its damaged. However this works better on caucasian hair then african american hair. Bear restores fullness and shine to dull hair and eats away at plack and dirt that builds up on top of the hair. So it works as a shampoo and conditioner 2 in one. However if your hair is really dry you should not leave the bear in for too long because the alcohol can drye it out more.

  2. Acemerald says:

    I have used mayonnaise many times for deep conditioning my hair and it worked great except that I really can’t smell it for sometime without having nausea. Avocado and egg are good ones I used too! And one of my hair best friend is beer!!!!! Great! Great! Great! It makes my hair feel and look moisturized, soft and shine!!! But one thing that’s new to me: I didn’t know it work for caucasian hair as well! Happy to find someone who shares my hair interest!

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