Debunking the “DIET” usual conception…

Yesterday morning, around 8:00 a.m., a colleague asked me if I had the time to break fast and because I said no, she retorted: Waw, you are really following a diet.

Three days ago, another colleague was shocked because I was eating rice and beans and tuna and salads and told me: You gave up on your diet my dear!

Many times I have found people telling me that I fail to follow a diet plan because I eat pizza or chocolate.  Euh????!!!! There is a misunderstanding somewhere.

 First of all, there are many types of diet.  There are varieties of diet types and they are all different from one another. You just choose the right diet type for you, the one that fits in with your lifestyle, the one you will more easily follow and succeed. Some allow you to eat everything in small portions, some others restrict your food choices. There are Mediterranean diet, GI diet, Atkins diet, Zone diet, Cabbage soup diet, Low salt diet, Detox diet, South Beach diet, Weight Watchers and so on.  In the Atkins diet , eating a lot of meat is acceptable while consuming meat would be banned in the Vegetarian diet.  Based on that information, can I assume that someone who eats a lot of meat isn’t on diet? When you do not have a maximum of information about something, don’t be judgmental. Always keep in mind that a diet is not a suicide.

 Second, there are categories of diet too.  Google defines diet as an intake of selected food or particular food and I add for a purpose.  A diet is not always for the purpose of losing weight.  People follow diet plans to gain weight too or to keep a current weight.  Why do some people often refer to weight loss diet whenever they hear DIET ?

I am pissed off those “dieting experts” who are always looking after you as if they knew everything about dieting.  They do not have information about your organism, your metabolism, your diet plan choice, your exercises habits and they do not even have a scientific conception of diet and they are (Big presomption of theirs!) always advising people…….

I know what is good for me, I know what is my weight loss goal, I know what my weight loss plan is then why should you be more eager to help me than myself?!

To my weight loss companions, do not be discouraged by this.  Just kindly receive their advice then put them into a lost drawer of your mind and forget about them forever. 

A frustrated weight loss fighter.