Day One – Something you hate about yourself.


Everything affects me.  I understand too easily, I get hurt too easily, I get mad too easily, I feel unprotected too easily. I over analyze things, I take other things too personally. I am deeply moved by nature and music. When I am hungry, I strongly reacted and my mood changes.   Changes put my world upside down.  I am emotionally too cautious.  I often hide behind a veneer of agressivity or super self-esteem just to keep my high sensitiveness to myself. Other people’s mood affect meI pay attention, closer attention to each little detail, I care too much about everything and everybody.  I am more conscientious about remembering things. I always have the impression to pick up something the others miss.  I have a complex inner life. To quote one HSP (Highly Sensitive person)like me, if feels like I am wearing an extra pair of glasses, I would add to that quote, it is like all my feelings and emotions are  X2. I am sensitive to pain 😦

This is definitely the thing I hate the most about myself because it makes me suffer so much.  I am a real drama queen. Life with myself and with others would be so simple and much more fun if I wasn’t highly sensitive.


2 thoughts on “30 DAYS OF TRUTH- DAY ONE

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