Day two- Something you love about yourself.

“There is more joy in giving than receiving…” Acts 20:35, NW Bible


Nothing can make me feel better than giving a helping hand to another person, giving something just to make the other feel good. I love people and I truly believe they are extraordinary beings. When they are not wicked, people are real blessings in others’ life.

One of my way to show that love is to give them, give them my love, my time, my energy, my own. Nothing is worthier to me than seeing that little joy expression in the eyes of someone I gave something. I feel it is a must for me to help others whether with my money, my strenght. I am always willing to share my resources with others.

What. I exist because someone GAVE me life, I am who I am today because someone took the initiative to GIVE me all I needed to become the person I am! In fact, all I own and all I am I owe it to someone who GAVE it to me.

Being generous gives me so much satisfaction and happiness! My generosity is the the thing I love more about myself.


One thought on “30 DAYS OF TRUTH- DAY TWO

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