Day Six- Something you hope you never have to do.

Dealing with a pregnancy in the aftermath of a rape.

I do not know any pain that can be as terrible as having to deal with a pregnancy after you have been raped.

Can you imagine the situation:

If you choose to keep him/her- having to bear, give birth and raise a child by myself, with no father while you are single; bearing a child whose father is a raper, a nasty person, a criminal, a gangster, a whoever; having to keep a “rape favor”, an evidence, a fruit of that traumatic thing that happened to you once and you never know who this child might become : a gangster or a criminal like his dad, a delinquent child giving you hard time and spoiling your life. Who can fight genetics?

If you choose to abort – Killing an innocent child, killing a part of you, killing your own child (the circumstances don’t change the fact that he/she is also YOUR child); You, as a victim of an injustice (the rape) , doing an injustice (the abortion) to another being in return; losing the opportunity to give life to a child who could become the love of your life. Who can live with that on her conscience?

This is a situation I hope I never have to cope with.


2 thoughts on “30 DAYS- DAY SIX

  1. Maudeline says:

    X_X(Can’t watch)

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