My hair journey update- Tenth month

On May 10, I was celebrating my tenth month of napturality.  The past three weeks were very tough for my poor nap. I kept it on very low maintenance because I had neither enough time nor enough will to properly take care of them. Click on the below link for the hair update.


Adding to that, the temptation to perm my hair is strong. I cannot even guarantee I will reach my one-year-nappy anniversary in July. My little trip in Dominican Republic plus combing my little sister’s permed hair last saturday really put me in situations where I really wanted to put the creamy crack.   It grew so strong that I had to spend a good amount of time watching natural hair beauties and styles just to take it easy with my natural crown.

There are a lot of styles I can rock out with my fro, I would love to but I do not have time for that.  As a consequence, I wear my hair in a puff all the time.  But, I am not someone who can stand seeing my face the same way everyday. I want to change look and guess what, the looks I want to try are for chemically-treated hair. A friend of mine posted many styles on her facebook wall and those two styles really tried me.

I will probably not try them in the near future.  And my strategy to control the temptation to alter my hair is to put them in braids, in cornrows, or in weaves. 

Let’s hope I will keep it up.


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