Memorial Day Weekend Hairdos.

As I had a long weekend at home (Monday was Memorial Day, a U.S holiday), I took that opportunity to rock other natural hairstyles than my eternal afro puff.


This is another version of my puff with macro twists.  I just wet my hair, seal it with Proline coconut oil conditioner then made four twists, added the little brown pins to enhance the hair beauty.  That’s it that’s all.



On Saturday, I fell again for my puff then made no changes to it.  I love my natural roots.




My mini twists and puff.  I co-wash my hair with Olive Oil conditioner, seal them with Proline Coconut Oil Conditioner.  I used twist gel for the twists and eco gel for the puff.  I spent 45 minutes doing that style and guess what? I changed it the next morning.


I cowashed my hair and sectioned them to facilitate the detangling process.  Believe me I left my hair like that for a big part of the morning like a style.  I call it the Kitten hairstyle. lol






Finally, the “Muhammad Ali” look.  I was lazy this morning so I just wet my hair and rock my fro out with a volumizing comb. 

Next time I have some time, I will try some more hairstyles. For my busy moment, let me keep my usual “puff”.

Have a nice day & a wonderful week dear readers.






One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend Hairdos.

  1. Maudeline says:

    Really,you’re a blessedddddddddddddddddd woman and I’m proud of you,and glad for you.
    Love sista

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