Day Nine- Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

These 30 days of truth are seriously making me browse around my memories, aren’t they?  Who? Who? Who?

I was friend with someone for ten years. He was at least fifteen years older than me but he was a true companion.  We used to share our opinions about people and life, go in the field service and make bible studies together, eat together, make fun of each other.  He also used to go pickup me at school when I was in middle and high school.  Adding to all that, he was an elder in my congregation, so he would advice me, mentor me and help me the most he could.  He was more or less a father to me.  What I liked the most about our friendship was the way he treated me: not like a child but a peer.  He would tell me secrets about himself and his life.  He really trusted in me and boosted me up.  He was a wonderful friend.

Unfortunately, things changed when he moved to the United States.  At first, we would communicate through telephone calls and emails, then the contacts started to be less frequent until we drifted away from each other’s life. 

Today, we still see each other occasionally when I visit the United States or when he comes to see his wife and child in Haiti.  We still keep an amiable relationship but nothing is the same anymore.

I really wish things would go differently but this is life. People get in and get out of your life and that is not something you always can control.


One thought on “30 DAYS OF TRUTH – DAY NINE

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