Hehehehe……I got hair highlights!

Yesterday, I initially went to the beauty salon to chop off all my hair then dye my head blonde.  At the very last minute, I changed my mine and chose to just put some highlights.  I like the results but would have liked it better if I dyed all my hair gold 😀


My hair just before I start the “highlighting process”. I wet my hair with water and put some eco gel to have that puff.

My  latest  highlight was made with copper-that’s why the back of my hair still have that copper colored look.  That’s the back of my puff before  I highlighted the curly kinks.




It took the hair dresser approximatively 45 minutes to finish the process. This is the front-picture of the highlights.


I just love that golden look at the back of my hair.  Humm! Really like my golden kinks.








That is my picture of this morning.  I just find that the highlights fit me.  I will keep this look for three months. 





Don’t be too excited about me leaving the hair “quiet” for sometimes.  The next look will necessarily be a CUT or a CHOP.



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