Nothing than a good chocolate bar and a friend to raise me up…

I am deeply sad.

I spent a terrible night full of nightmares last night and this morning, I woke up with the feeling that I have never closed my eyes fo the last ten days. At work, I had to keep that professional and usual “I am fine” face and smile while deep within, my soul and my heart are in sorrow.  At a certain point where I thought I would not make it, my blackberry red light flashed and a friend of mine greeted me via instant messaging then started to listen to all I had to say then support me. Then came the lunch time-I do not feel like eating- I got two Hershley’s chocolate with almonds bars as my “lunch”. 

I am not  all smiley but I feel strong now.  Anything worthier than a bar of chocolate and a good friend when you are down?!


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