Delon Olive Oil Conditioner Review & Rating

Yesterday, I finished my bottle of Delon Olive Oil conditioner and decided I had to review such an excellent conditioner.

According to the label, it is made with pure olive oil, softens and detangles the hair.  On my bad hair days, when my hair turns to a real kinkastrophe, DOOC makes a way for me.  Good moisturizer, good detangling aid, good kink definition booster, I rate it ***** over *****.

For those people living in Haiti, this goody can be found at any grocery store ( I actually bought mine at a grocery near Montagne Noire) for around 198 to 250 gourdes. 

Enough talk.  Just look at the pictures below and judge by yourself based on the BEFORE and AFTER shots.

I look forward to buying my next bottle as soon as possible.


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