Day Fourteen – A hero that has let you down (letter)

I actually have two heroes who have let me down. My letter will be to the two of them.

Dear heroes,

You were the two men of my life.  I loved you and trusted you.  I considered you as my friends, my guides, my protectors. You were my heroes. You both took the initiative to come into my life: one of you gave me life, and the other almost brought me back to life when the first one destroyed me in pieces.  But, you both lifted me up just to better let me down.

You both played me.  You did so wrong to me that I had to fee away from you both.  The worst thing about you is that you both think you are so right and powerful and eternal that you cannot do people wrong.  All that matters for you is your way to see life, your way to see things, your advantages, yourself.  I have given you so many chances to prove me you changed or you WANTED to change but you both messed up. You both really miss the U to be men, real men.

I hate myself for having loved, trusted you and for having taken you as my heroes when in fact you are two cowards. I wish I could drown you in the tears I let out because of you. Love makes people so blind and dumb.

Keep thinking you are the winners and the “right ones” until the day you both will discover you are  the losers because one of you has lost one of the most wonderful daughters he could have had and the other one the most loving, faithful and unique wife he could have had.

I am looking forward to this day when the whole world will know you as who you really were: a genitor instead of a father and man-to-be instead of a boyfriend.





3 thoughts on “30 DAYS OF TRUTH – DAY FOURTEEN

  1. Maudeline says:

    Awww,your letter make me cry,
    I’m so sorry love ❤
    I'm suffering with you and I'll never give up you
    Love you a lot my dearest
    Peace and Love

  2. Acemerald says:

    THank you for your constant support Maudeline. it touches my heart. Love. Ace

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