If only… expression of deep regrets

“If only. Those must be the saddest words in the world. “

Mercedes Lackey

Four years ago, I made a decision for which today, I am paying the consequences.  Only God knows how hurtful this experience is.  I thought feelings of sorrow were harder to endure until I started feeling regrets. 

I regret I chose to please my heart and reject the alarm my intuition was popping up.  I regret I was so lenient , so blind and so dumb.  I regret I let so many years pass before acting.  I regret I am the sensitive and loving and caring person I am.  I regret I was such an idealist.  Where was my reason? What happened to my resourcefulness? I am screwed.  For once that I let my guards down, I am paying an expensive price for that. Hummm, I can tell you it is pricey!

If only I could draw back and change the hands of time. If only I could erase that part of the story.  If only I got power over certain things…..  Unfortunately, If is used for assumptions and suppositions.  I have to face the reality no matter how hard and sad and cruel it is.

I have learned my lesson, let me move on while life is going on….


4 thoughts on “If only… expression of deep regrets

  1. Maudeline says:

    😥 :'(:'(

  2. […] If only… expression of deep regrets (lostemerald.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Mizz says:

    We make mistakes, we regret, then we have to forgive ourself cuz life must go on ♥

  4. Acemerald says:

    Yes you are right Mizz. And we learn from them. That’s how we move forward. 🙂

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