Livres en Folie 2011

Livres en Folie, the traditional Haitian annual book fair since seventeen years took place yesterday at Parc Historique de la Canne a Sucre, Tabarre.

While I am very happy to take advantage of this excellent initiative taken by both Unibank and Le Nouvelliste, its organization and customer service  are very poor. 

Organization– I noticed many flaws in the way the Fair was organized but one thing that kept my attention was the following: on the day of the fair, I met many people who express their regrets for not going to it because they actually didn’t know that Livres en Folie was happening on that day.  This year, in fact, they didn’t really broadcast the news about Livres en Folie as they used to do.  If you are organizing an event and people who need to know about it don’t, I find that a lack of organizational skills somehow.

Customer Service– When you refer to CS, you see the environment the services (or goods) are being provided in, the cheerfulness of the people providing it and the logistics.  When I arrived on site, I had to ask friends were some Editions stands were located, ask where I had to pay for each edition. There were information missing.  Because the lines weren’t in order, the people hired to serve the buyers could not manage to do that properly.  As for logistics, some books were out of stock before 1pm (Livres en Folie was from 10 to 4 pm). Customer service was a real fiasco.

Something I really didn’t  appreciate this year again was the fact that 80% of the people who were present were here either for Teenage Fashion en folie or Men en folie or Gathering for nothing en folie or even Sex en folie.  Things would be so much more interesting without those people coming just for the sake of coming (sarcastic face).

Well, enough negative points about the fair. Let’s see the good parts.  I met some authors at the fair. Galy is a very amiable person and she really looks like a protocol figure.  Margaret Papillon is a real sweetpie: she has the sensitiveness of a writer.  Also,  I bought some excellent books: one about protocole and manners, one about cooking and household management, one novel and one autobiography. I will take the time to review those books later on.






My goody number one is the book: Dis moi comment recevoir # 4. I encouraged you all to purchase and read it.



Although it is a good opportunity to meet with other book-lovers and authors, I don’t think I will go to Livres en Folie anymore.  The alternative is to buy the books I want online and pickup them at Haiti Messager. 



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