Day Fifteen – Something or someone you couldn’t live without because you’ve tried living without.



I like to be loved and cherished and spoiled. I like to have the impression that I exist.  I want people not only to FEEL affection toward me, I want them to EXPRESS and SHOW me that affection.  A “good morning” properly said, a little gift ( I was touched to tears this morning because I received a candy bar and a nice compliment about my smile), a warming hug (nothing can worth that treat!!!), a compliment. 

At a certain point in my life, after being disappointed by loved ones, I decided I could and would live without anybody’s affection.  How wrong was I! I CANNOT live without affection.  No affection, no happiness! No affection, no life!

I am a plant. Love is the water that keeps me alive but the fertilizer which boosts my growth is affection.


One thought on “30 DAYS OF TRUTH – DAY FIFTEEN

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