One year already- It’s genial to be natural!!!

This is it… yesterday was my natural hair’s one-year  anniversary.  Twelve months since I reborn all natural…

It’s funny how from a simple idea a natural hair journey begun.  It was May 2010, I had a haircut and was already pissed off and was looking for another hairstyle (I am the crazy kind changing my hairstyle every one to three months).  After a long weekend at the beach, I found nothing to do with my hair, enough with that style, enough with having hair to comb and style, enough, enough and enough! Plus, I was always curious to see how I would look if I cut all of my hair off. I went to my hair stylist and said: Cut if all off, just leave a little puff at the front because I wanted a Surfup cut (in reference to Surf’s up cartoon).  She (my hair stylist)  took some minutes to discuss with me and try to “reason” me, asking and asking again if I really wanted to cut my hair that low. With a determined and no-turning back expression, I said Yes, I am good to go. Let’s get busy.

One hour later, I was another person. A new me! I fell in love with my face again.  I felt so weird and so myself. I did very good!  I was really pleased with the results.  My next pleasure would be to see the shock on my mother, friends and boyfriend’s faces. My little sister would not be shocked, she is the crazy style too…lol. Nothing was worth the pleasure I felt when I saw those shocked faces with a o-shaped mouth!!  At that moment, I was not aware that texturizer was a mild relaxer, I texturized my hair.   I left the Surf up cut for two months. 

On July 10, 2010, I finally chop all my hair off (texturized part plus growing natural part, all was cut).  I discovered another me again. Enough cut now! It was time for me to start letting my hair grow out.  Worries! Concerns! Managing and taking care of my hair would not be an easy task. I remembered all I went through during my teenage when I still had my wild roots natural.  Yet, my plan was to let it grow out and keep the natural and curly look for one year then perm my hair and get back to “normal” .  I started to research, read and watch videos about natural hair styles, care, regimen, journeys. I didn’t know anything about either hair or hair product or hair dos and dont’s. Now, I so know about hair that people would easily think I am a hair expert.  As I was reading and learning things about hair, I understood something: keeping my hair natural was not supposed to be just a temporary style but a lifestyle. 

Several times, I have been tempted to texturize or perm my roots, but at the very last minute, I would change my mind.  I feel that if I perm or alter their texture, it would be like betraying them.  All the knowledge I have acquired about natural hair is affecting me. I know I might cut it all again If I want to make a change but as of now, I am not willing to perm my hair.

Now that I am done with Phase One of my hair journey, what’s next? Chop it all off again? Dye it and let the color grow out of it? Get into a one-year Wig/Extension/Twist and Braid Hair challenge?  I don’t know yet.  Still giving it some thoughts. 

Enough writing, click on the following link to see the slide show: MY_HAIR_JOURNEY

Have a nice day & a nice week


2 thoughts on “One year already- It’s genial to be natural!!!

  1. Natural hairrrrr! WOO! Happy anniversary!
    I’ve been natural for 5 1/2 years now. I went to have a spiral rod set, and ended up in the barber’s chair. ALL off. VERY liberating. LOVED it. Let it grow and cut it a few times since then. I just cut it again about 2 months ago, to pretty much the same place I was when I cut it the first time. It’s just so easy. Shower, wash, moisturize, and go!
    How long are your natural locks now?

    • Acemerald says:

      I am one year natural. I just wanted to change my look and end up into the natural hair journey. I am so in love with my roots that I do not feel like altering them anymore. Im experimenting some new products, organics olive oil products just make my hair look waaaaw. Thanks for stopping by and comment. I always appreciate interacting with other natural sisters :). Do you document your journey? I will be more than happy to “follow” you 🙂

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