Have you read Ameneh Bahrami’s story?!

Her story is the one of an Iranian woman, a beautiful woman who like any other normal woman had dreams, expectations, she had a normal life until she rejected the marriage proposal of a man, a fellow student. In 2004, he threw a bucket of acid in her face leaving her blinded and disfigured.  Today, this is how she looks after having went through 17 surgeries in Spain.

I am revolted!!! Revolted that such practices are still being kept and used toward people.  Each time I take the time to think about her story, I become bitter and fierce.  Poor her! Imagine the life she could have and the one she actually has. That’s a real tragedy….all that caused by the Majid Movahedi, a man supposedly in love with her.

Yesterday, she spared her attacker from the same punishment.  How did she find the courage to do that? How did she find the courage to forgive him in such a terrible situation? Her strength and courage are exemplar.

For more information and update about her story, please visit the below links:




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