Ten random facts about Me, Myself & I…

Fact # 1– I am addicted to chocolate (with almonds, dark and sweet chocolate, yuummmy), pasta (Viva Italia for pasta), protocol ( manners, manners and manners again, there is always a universal and best way to do things), babies (specially daughters, their faces, their bababling, their innocence, their spontaneity, it is so comforting to just hold them!!!), hugs, attention, Gina cheddar cheese cookies(www.oneworldgina.com) and to vivid colors (I am a bold person and I like things odd and some colors just express that: red, green, teal, saffron, daffodil)

Fact # 2– I am really annoyed when I have nothing to do, when I am obliged to discuss with pretentious people and when I lose interest in something/someone.

Fact # 3– Whenever I feel down, things like music, hugs, driving, babies and food make me feel better. Nothing is worth a warming hug given by someone who really wants to comfort or cherish you.  Driving triggers my adrenaline and it feels goood. Babies make me forget that pain exists in the world.  Food, such a comfort!

Fact # 4– I feel guilty when I eat pizza, chocolate (I am supposed to be on diet on a permanent base); when I shop too much, when I procrastinate( my # 1 guilt)  or when I am rude to someone.

Fact # 5 –  Two things I am 100% sure and certain about is that nobody can be happy without having a relationship with God (it’s like no human being can live without oxygen, huh?), and people always need help from one another, nobody can make it by himself/herself. 

Fact # 6– I am really bad at cooking (or should I say I don’t know how to cook), at hiding what I feel or think ( my body language is so expressive) and at overcoming my fears.

Fact # 7– I think I look good in all colors ( let’s emphasize on red, burgundy, green, teal, yellow) except white and dark purple. I feel “plusieurs”*when I am wearing pumps,  pants and dresses ( I am tall and I like it, pants and high pumps stress on that side of me and it just makes me feel wawww).

Fact # 8– I wish I was better at cooking ( the case is not yet lost, I still can learn) and at organizing myself (I am an odd mixture of organization and disorganization and find myself too often in between them)

Fact # 9– I wish I had more of things like money and attention now.  Women like money and I am no exception to that. Attention is to me what water is to a plant.

Fact # 10– There are things I should not be doing too often that I still do: eating pizza, overpromising and procrastinating(woooo, that’s a real problem, PROCRASTINATION, my sin, my challenge,my weakness).



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