I wish I had 25 hours per day……problem I am trying to solve

Sometimes, I have so much to do that I wish I had 25 hours per day. No matter what I do, I still have pending items and at night, when I am about to sleep, I feel unsatisfied because this day again, I didn’t have everything done and the remaining balance would be brought forward to what I will have to do the next day.  I am so busy that sometimes, I forget things I had to do: help a friend out with an assignment, run errands for my mom or else.  I sleep often with the frustration that the 24 regular hours a day are not enough for me to accomplish all I have to do.

Then, I started to compare myself with people having a lot of responsibilities: work, school, family, church, association, themselves and still manage to have things done at the appropriate moment. That’s how I stopped to question the time itself and started to examine myself and my use of the 24 hours.  Like that, I realized many things.

First thing, I will always have just 24 hours, so I’d rather manage it properly to accomplish the maximum things within them. I better be realistic than always frustrated, am I not right?

Second thing, I need to be less perfectionist.  There are certainly a number of things a human being can reasonably do within 24 hours. Trying to go beyond that will just make me accumulate frustration and stress. 

picture borrowed from schattigjongen.wordpress.com

picture borrowed from schattigjongen.wordpress.com

Third thing, I am chasing my time killers.  The number one is talking and the number two is thinking.  I spent a super large amount of time talking via Internet or live with people. This is a great activity but I need to be more disciplined in that matter.  I spend a lot of time thinking also, thinking how to achieve this or that, or to do this or that or to or not to, thinking about past stories, coming up with past memories, talking to my inner self.  If I control my time killers, I can save three hours of sleep and one hour for regular business.  It’s almost like I received four more hours over my 24 hours!!!

Fourth thing, I thought of some tips that will help me better manage my time:

1- Doing right away the small things in my pending list (like that, I will avoid to forget about them and I will have more time to focus on more important items : have to make a photocopy or place a call or comb my hair.

2- Plan, organize, schedule my time every day: organization and discipline are keys in everything.  And by doing this, I can have an eye on the approximate duration of each task and adjust things accordingly.

3- Categorize the tasks I have to do through my NIWA system: N(Necessary to be done today), I(important to be done today), W(can wait), A(can be done at a later date)

Problem solutions processing……


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