Some hair talk!!!

Wednesday was my thirteenth month anniversary as a naturalista. The puff is getting bigger and the hair is growing stronger. Yaay! I am having more and more hair to try styles. 

As a gift to myself, I ordered the Kinky curly products (Come clean shampoo, Knot today conditioner, the curling custard and the spritz).  I had the package picked up at DHL and I was very excited about using it.  I do not regret at all I ordered them.  I will write a separate review about them later but so far, I can say the curling custard is wonderful. Wawww!

The first day, I was late then I didn’t have the time to wash, condition the hair and style it with the gel. I was too excited to wait for the next day or the weekend to try it.  I just wet my hair and tried the curling custard.  I was stunning. I appreciate the compliments I received. Thank you KCC

The second day, I didn’t even have to use the spritz to enhance my curls. My hair was ultra soft, moisturized, shiny and curly.  KCC is an excellent styling product.  The only thing I am worried about when you using the curling custard is the flakes.  Is it because I used it on hair washed since three days or because I used too much of it? I will advise later after using it exactly as per the directions given on their website.  As of now, KCC is my favorite gel (Olive oil fantasia gel is number two).

I saw that hairdo online (I forget her name) and I wanted to try it today. I do not have as much hair as she does yet but I did it. 

Last news about my hair- I will be ordering Hair Formula 37 vitamins or /and Fast Grown ethnic hair growth enhancer pills. I read the reviews about them, they make wonders with people’s skin, nails and hair.  I want to give them a try.  I will keep you posted about the outcome.



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