It happened, I learned my lesson and life goes on

I am very busy nowadays and today is of no exception but I really need to write about how I feel now. 

Once more, I have been hurt.  Not a big deal but still another scar… I am not bleeding, yet I am unable to heal my wound. 

I feel guilty because I saw this coming but didn’t stop it.  That’s what happens when you break your own rules, when you betray your own beliefs. 

Why did I end up being your friend when I had no guarantee you knew how to handle a friendship?  Why did I accept to be your friend when I perfectly know that rare are the women who know how to be real and good friends?  Why did I think I could make possible the impossible?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Why? Why?  My whys are useless now…..

If it didn’t kill me, it surely will make me stronger.  I learned the same lesson again. May I remember it the next time! 

A disappointed friend.


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