I fall down sometimes but I am still a fighter…

Heavy heart, revolted mind, painful soul, weeping face, sad gaze, puffy eyes. I am down, completely down.  You may try to imagine how it feels but you still cannot feel it as much as I am feeling it, this pain!  I moan, I groan! When the pain reaches its climax, I know I will find the exit soon.

I know exactly what hurts me, and I am determined to find the cure to it. I have tried the sparadraps, the hurt still bleeds.  I learned the lesson and moved on. I will next stitch the wound.  If it does not work then I will try everything possible until I am cured, until I heal this gaping wound. 

A fighter never gives up. No turning back, no drawing back! I need to move forward and I will! Oh yes! I will! Although I fall down, although they punch me sometimes, although I am frail sometimes, my strength never leaves me. I have lost battles but never the fight.  I am now in pieces but I will reassemble all my sparse pieces and become a whole again.  Falling is not bad if you get up after.  The hurt didn’t kill me, so it will make me stronger.

I know I will be a stronger fighter tomorrow because I have been tried, tried so hard, and I made it. With my God, myself and time, I will heal my wound and get back on the battlefield because a fighter never gives up.



One thought on “I fall down sometimes but I am still a fighter…

  1. My goodness! I love this very powerful..nice choice of words..I love your entries dear

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