Natural Hair Journey Update- Fifteenth Month

Fifteen month anniversary- the journey is getting more and more interesting.

My signature hairstyle changed from Afro puff to twistout puffs and frohawks. I twist my hair on Friday or Saturday night and twist it out and I keep the twist out look for the whole week.  With this new signature style, I keep my hair in low maintenance. No more cowashing every three to four days.  I just deep condition my hair every weekend, twist the hair, twist it out, seal the hair with oil and condition it with water but no more almost-full-time care for my hair. Youpiiiiiiiii! Less hair time, more me time!

I wanted to start a six-month hair-no-show challenge but I realize I can’t make it.  I like  to change my hairstyle too much to keep my hair in braids or twists or extension for more than two weeks. The last time I tried, I spent only nine days with my single braids.  I am definitely abandoning this challenge. 

I now have fuller, stronger and healthier hair thanks to the hair vitamins I am taking (I will later review the specific one I am taking) and I am loving it.  The good news is that the hair vitamins improves also my skin and my nails’ appearance. I will definitely keep on taking them.

Before, I would buy hair accessories and forget about them but now I do not hesitate to accessorize my hair and it looks wonderful (see pictures in bottom-of-page  link).

I am becoming a natural hair reference specially for the women in my surroundings.  Many of them changed their minds about natural hair. I am the exemple who makes them believe natural hair can be worn with class and brio.  From this journey, I have learned that no matter how they may prejudge your choice, stick to it and do it with brio. Some people will change their mind, some others will follow you.  If only I didn’t stick to my choice to keep my hair natural, If only I took in consideration people’s opinions about hair when left without perm: kinky, nappy, difficult-to-manage, unstylish, I would not be such a natural afro queen today. I went for it, I stick to it and I made it!



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