New Spring, New Perspective, New Goals

In few minutes, I will be turning 24.  Although I do not celebrate birthdays, I still take the time to make a retrospection and set new goals.

If I had to name my twenty third year, I would call it “the Year of Enlightenment”.  I achieved two big things this year: I discovered myself and I got rid off the two biggest handicaps of my life.

I took the time to discover myself and know myself. Through the process, I grew more aware of my beauty and my ugliness, my strengths and my weaknesses, my ups and my downs.  As I know better myself, I can give a shape to my world, i can better define my needs, my wants, my expectations, my duties.  I am proud of this beautiful part of myself and I know what to improve to become a better person.   That’s the biggest and first goal I achieved.

I also  had enough courage and strength to clean out the two biggest burdens(dead weights) of my life and I feel so free now.  I feel good because today I can bear my load with no resentment or tears or disgust. I have a better life now.  I am free.  That’s my second achievement as a 23-year old woman.

I am proud of that improved version of me……..

Now that a new spring is coming, I see life a different way, I grew stronger and more mature. I have greater goals and higher expectations for myself.  More than ever, I believe there is nothing worthier than having a close and solid relationship with God.  There would be no life, no me, no others, nothing without Him.  That’s why, my first goal for the coming year is to get a better relationship with Jehovah through better quality prayers and more deeds to show Him my love.

My second goal for this coming year is to learn to stand for myself.  Too often have I relied on people I should have not and this has make my life miserable so many times.  I feel the need to become more independent.  I am pissed off flying using others’ wings. Time to use mine and with more decisiveness and less procrastination, I will make it.

My third and last goal is to learn to RELAX.  By being too thoughtful, too cautious, too smart, too busy and too serious, I easily become stressed and irritated.  For a healthier life, a better personal development and a funnier life, I need to learn to relax.

My last words: Thank you Jehovah for having guided me, protected me, cherished and loved me all through this year. What would I be without you? My other thanks go to my mother, she is my everything, my push ups Donia, Maudeline, Fodlyne, Ricky, Jean Michel and Alma. Much love and gratefulness.

Arrideverci to my 23 years.


One thought on “New Spring, New Perspective, New Goals

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