Khaki is gone….


August 27, 2011- November 11, 2011

My treasured, cherished, loved, appreciated, admired ….oh so dear companion died.  He has escaped the house without anybody noticing that and has been hit by a car.  Hours later, before the vet could make any intervention, after bleeding, he passed away.

Forever Treasured

I do not find words yet to describe how it feels to lose a dog….  He was a member of  the family, a friend, a part of the whole….. I still cannot believe there will be no furry friend warmly welcoming me home when I go back to my country….. my treasure is really gone…..As I am writing about what happened, I remember his face and corpse as seen in the pictures they sent me of the accident, the death and the burial. It feels as bad as losing a beloved  human being.  I cannot stop my tears, I cannot stop the pain I am feeling deep within.  My baby was just one year and almost three months. He has gone too soon.  I still remember that morning before I go to the airport… he was jumping and bouncing as I went to tell him goodbye…..That goodbye was in fact a farewell! His face expression was the same as the one he had each morning when I was leaving to go to work.  I can’t get his brown and expressive eyes out of my mind.  I didn’t even take him in my arms one last time….

Affectuous, smart, heartwarming, bold, turbulent, amazing, lovely, Khaki was an unique puppy.  Khaki is irreplacable.  His pawprints will remain forever in our hearts.  I so wish I could do something to bring him back to life….

My thoughts go to my little sister deeply affected by this death.  May she be strong and courageous!






In loving memory of my Khaki 😥


One thought on “Khaki is gone….

  1. Acemerald says:

    Reblogged this on Log of a Lost Emerald and commented:

    He would be 2 years old today if he were still alive 😦

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